Water Injection Pump Packages

Water injection / salt water disposal operations require equipment that can perform day after day without constant parts replacement and repair. Power Zone's packages can either be built from new, used, rebuilt or refurbished pumps and they can be driven electrically or by diesel and natural gas engines. We have packages ready for sale or rent and a highly skilled engineering team that can custom design a system to be built for your particular needs. If you would like discuss leasing one of our rental pump packages, want to purchase an existing package or have one custom engineered for your site, please contact our sales department. We have assembled these systems using a variety of pump brands and configurations. Here is a selection of packages we have produced for various customers. Please contact us with any questions.

Sold: Aplex MA-40M Water Disposal Pump Package

NEW complete bare shaft triplex pump, aluminum bronze fluid end, 2" white ceramic plungers, gland adjustable 838 bronze packing, abrasion resistant valve assembly. Capable of 71gpm @ 867psi with 2.25" plungers or 18gpm @ 3468psi with 1.125" plungers.

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Sold: Gaso 5698-M Pump Package for Hydrocarbon Liquids

Refurbished Gaso 5698M quintuplex pump for condensate service. 2 1/4" plungers, stainless steel disc valves, capable of 4,130 barrels per day at 1290 psi at 400 rpm.

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Sold: Union TD-60 Triplex Propane Pump Package

Rebuilt triplex industrial pump with top mount 15hp motor, 1.75" plungers, 3" 1500# RTJ suction, 2" 1500# RTJ discharge, mechanical plunger lubricator, aluminum bronze fluid end, capable of 25 gpm with 1.25" plungers @ 3300psi, up to 49gpm with 1.75" plungers @ 1852psi.

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Sold: Union TX-150 Triplex Pump

5" stroke triplex with 4DA steel fluid end, 3 3/4" plungers, 7.118:1 gear ratio, 6" 150# suction with tee to 8" 150# RF, 3" 600# discharge tee to 2" 600# RF, cast iron conventional relief valve set at 800psi, driven by 250hp John Deere 6076T diesel power unit. With current 3 3/4" plungers pump is capable of 72gpm up to 217gpm @ 1086psi. With plunger change is capable of 263gpm @ 748psi with 4.125" plungers or 151gpm @ 1304psi with 3.125" plungers.

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Sold: Union TX-200 Triplex Pump

Low hour 4-1/8 x 5 triplex pump with #4DA stainless steel fluid end, 4 1/8 inch plungers good for up to 320gpm @ 898psi, 6inch RF suction, 3 inch RTJ discharge, 7.12 internal pump gears, rebuilt Eaton Fuller RTO12609B overdrive manual transmission, low hour 225hp Caterpillar C7 diesel engine, MCM 3x4x13 hydraulic charge pump system, hydraulic, reservoir tank, 155 gallon fuel tank, pump suction stabilizer and discharge dampener, pressure gauge, conventional style relief valve piped back into suction, capable of 183gpm @ 1400psi @ 369rpm with 3 1/8 inch plungers.

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Sold: Aplex MA-240K Water Disposal Pump Package

NEW bare shaft quintuplex pump, aluminum bronze fluid end, 4.5" Rokide plungers, gland adjustable 838 bronze packing, abrasion resistant valve assembly. Capable of 553gpm @ 669psi with 4.125" plungers or 298gpm @ 929psi with 3.5" plungers.

Belt drive 4:1, 4 1/2" plungers, 658 gpm @ 562 psi. Relief valve-flanged and set @ 560psi. Discharge dampener and suction stabilizer. Lubricator and guard. Vibration and oil level wire to termination box.

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