Rebuilt United 8BFH Horizontal Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump Package For Sale

Stock No: 57293

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Brand/Model:United 8BFH
Description:FOR SALE OR RENT: Rebuilt 4 stage horizontal split case centrifugal pump with 13” impellers, 10 inch ANSI 600# suction connection with suction Strainer and Mag flow meter with pressure gauges, 8 inch ANSI 600# discharge connection, packaged with good used MTU 12V-4000 diesel engine rated 1875 HP at 1900 RPM, with pneumatic clutch, and Cotta G01915E-1 gear increaser with 1.89:1 ratio. Package has PLC touch screen with engine controls integrated into the same panel. The following transmitters send data to the PLC: flow meter rates, low suction pressure, high discharge pressure, pump bearing temperature, gear box oil temperature, gear box oil pressure, vibration, and all engine controls and ECM info is sent to engine control screen. Engine is mounted with vibration isolators and pump is hard mounted to help eliminate vibration and harmonic issues.


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