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2 Results 
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Used Cook size 40 Pumpjack Pump
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Used Cook size 40 Pumpjack Pump

Pump jack gearbox with bad intermediate gear

Applications: Pumpjack

Used Cook size 40 Pumpjack Pump
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  • Stock No: 54396
Used National H40T Pumpjack Pump
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Used National H40T Pumpjack Pump

Used single reduction 10.2:1 Size 114, 46" stroke, with 7C28.5" sheave, on concrete slab weighs 17,500 lbs and pump jack weighs 12,500#. Has 2 pairs of OZ-10 weights. Excellent gears

Applications: Pumpjack

Used National H40T Pumpjack Pump
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  • Ratio: 10.2000
  • Stock No: 53974

Power Zone is a leading global supplier of new, used and reconditioned pumps for sale. Our inventory of pumps includes multi-stage centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, reciprocating pumps, single stage centrifugal pumps and screw pumps in a variety of design standards including API 610 Centrifugal Pumps, API 674 Reciprocating Pumps and API 676 Rotary Pumps. We have an assortment of pumps that are used in various applications including water treatment, pipelines, frac water supply, salt water disposal and flood control in industries like municipal, manufacturing, oil & gas, mining and agriculture. We supply pumps of all major suppliers such as Sulzer, Flowserve, ITT Goulds, Aurora and National.

Industrial pumps perform a critical role in a wide array of industries. Power Zone provides a robust selection of heavy-duty, high-performance pumps engineered to deliver exceptional durability and reliability under the most extreme operating conditions.

We offer a selection of new, new surplus, and used industrial pumps in a wide variety of types and sizes. We have the design expertise and repair and testing capabilities to achieve optimal flow rates, pressure levels, and efficiency after years of service.

Industrial Pump Features

  • Durable metals and industrial-grade components able to withstand harsh conditions
  • Precision engineering for optimal performance
  • Advanced seal support systems, lubrication systems, and bearings for long, reliable pump service life
  • Monitoring capabilities and connectivity options to prevent breakdowns
  • A variety of pump configurations to match specific capacity, pressure, and viscosity needs

Versatility Across Industries

Our pumps are trusted across industries, including:

  • Manufacturing: Transferring chemicals and coolants
  • Energy: Moving oil, produced water, and natural gas
  • Construction: Flood control and dewatering
  • Mining: Mine shaft dewatering and slurry water transfer
  • Municipal: Boosting, filtering, and transferring water and wastewater

We have the right pump whether you need to transfer fluid with high flow, high pressure, solids handling, or high viscosity.

Benefits of Industrial Pumps

  • Increased productivity and optimized processes
  • Reduced downtime and long service intervals
  • Energy efficiency for lower operating costs
  • Reliable performance even in harsh, demanding conditions
  • Custom options and accessories for a tailored solution
  • Expert support from our team