New SolarSet 016-OG-7120-15200-RIGID For Sale

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Brand/Model:SolarSet 016-OG-7120-15200-RIGID
Description:New SolarSet 7.12 KW Hybrid/Off Grid Pre-Packaged Solar System With Generator, Complete Unit; New SolarSet Pre-Packaged Solar System, Off-Grid, Complete Unit, 16 Panels (445 watts each), 7.12 KW solar capacity with (2) 3.6 KW single phase off-grid inverters. Inverters are also capable of being interactive with the grid for grid-tie hybrid applications. Capable of delivering 7.2 KW of 60 HZ power. 240 Volt Single Phase. Capable of being monitored remotely via internet connection. Unit is equipped with (4) 3.8 KWH Lithium Ion batteries for a total battery capacity of 15.2 KWH. Unit also has a Generac 15 KW backup generator. Generator runs off of propane. Fuel supply system not included. Unit is prepackaged and comes completely assembled. All panels, batteries, inverters, disconnects, etc. are prewired. Many other sizes and configurations available. Visit for more information and pricing. (SolarSet is a division of Power Zone Equipment Inc.) Financing Available.
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