Used Byron Jackson 4x6x9D DVMX Horizontal Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump Complete Pump For Sale

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Brand/Model:Byron Jackson 4x6x9D DVMX
Description:Used 7-stage centrifugal boiler feed pump, with 600 hp induction motor, shaft is 2 3/4" diameter inside pump, Clockwise CW rotation from shaft end, first stage impeller is 4 vane 9 13/16" diameter 1 1/8" between shrouds, stage impellers are 9 13/16" diameter 13/16-7/8" between shrouds 5 vane, pump is in very nice condition, there is one crack on first stage impeller, suction is 6"600#RF flange, discharge is 4"900#RTJ flange


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