Unused Surplus Byron Jackson 6x8x13-6 P-HDB Horizontal Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump Package For Sale

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Brand/Model:Byron Jackson 6x8x13-6 P-HDB
Description:Unused API 610 BB5 Barrel pump with SS stainless steel insert, CW rotation, 83% eff, 8" 600# suction, 6" 1500# discharge. On skid with Bearing Lubrication system. The nameplate indicates that this must have been built for a 240 degree boiler feed application. This would also be an excellent choice for Light Hydrocarbon pumping such as an LPG or NGL pipeline.


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Byron Jackson 6x8x13-6P HDB - rounded.pdf 308 KB
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spec-oem-byronjackson-6x8x13hdb.pdf 714 KB

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