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Power Zone is a global supplier of new, used and reconditioned rotary gear pumps. Gear Pumps are a type of rotary positive displacement pump that provide nearly a fixed flow rate irrespective of pressure changes and are commonly used for pumping high viscosity fluids. Commonly used in lubrication and hydraulic systems, gear pumps are required in various industries including oil & gas, agriculture, mining and manufacturing. We have API 676 Gear Pumps in stock from a variety of trusted manufacturers such as Prince, Brown & Sharpe, Roper, Worthington and Viking.

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Used Viking LL-124 Rotary Gear Pump

Used rotary gear pump, capable of 130 gpm @ 520 rpm on 28 ssu liquid (like gasoline)nice pump with Eurodrive gearbox 5.89 ratio, elec motor on skid; 3'' 150 dischg on side; 3'' 150 suction on top;

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  • 520 RPM
  • 130 GPM
  • Stock No: 53335
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Used Viking HX4-115 Rotary Gear Pump

Used small pump on skid; 2'' dischrg on top and 2'' suction on side; (with 1.5hp EM; 1.5 hp; spd 1735?; serial number AD781603)

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  • 1750 RPM
  • 34 GPM
  • 100 PSI
  • Stock No: 53339
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Used Viking KK-124 Rotary Gear Pump

Used rotary gear pump, capable of 100 gpm @ 780 rpm on 100 ssu liquid, with gear box ratio 5.65?, 2.75''discharge on side, 3'' suction on top, no corrosion

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  • 780 RPM
  • 100 GPM
  • Stock No: 53407